Community Education

Sarah Elliott
Community Education Coordinator/ Secretary to the Superintendent

Community Education

Connecting schools, home, and the community


Community Education creates partnerships on many projects including community and school events, volunteer programs, and awesome learning activities throughout the year.  Many wonderful experiences are brought here through the awesome relationships and teamwork that we have in our county. 


A very important aspect of the success in schools is the commitment of volunteers who come into our schools and make such a positive difference in the lives of our students. Volunteers have so many choices and options to help in our schools. You may want to help a child with their reading or math homework.  You may choose to work with a large group of students on a special project or maybe you would like to chaperone or help set up an event, any time that you spend with a student is time that is so powerful and meaningful.  If you are interested in volunteering, come by the Trigg County Public Schools Central Office and complete a short volunteer application or call 270-522-6075 for more information. 


Don’t forget to make sure that your children, ages birth to 5 years old, are enrolled in the Imagination Library. Children receive a free book each month in the mail for free. This is all thanks to our generous community. You can sign up at the central office and we ask that you notify us of any address changes so that your child doesn’t miss any books. Statistics show that reading to your child better prepares them to enter school. Be on the lookout for news about other free programs to prepare children for school, including: “Ready, Set, Kindergarten”, “Born Learning” and “Future Wildcats.”


We, together, have the power to give the next generation the skills, confidence, will, ability, and desire to believe that they can change the world.  Please become a partner with Community Education so we can ensure it happens.