A Message from our New Superintendent

Message from Bill Thorpe

As a very wise person once stated, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” In order to effectively lead Trigg County Public schools, I must be diligent and work tirelessly to ensure that my first days in the school district and community are positive.


All district-level leadership transitions are important; however, the transition of the Superintendent sets the tone in relation to student achievement, Board expectations, community relationships, team building, operational and systems awareness, just to name few of the many important factors.  As much as this plan is designed for gaining understanding and assessing, it also creates a network of contacts and resources to assist in the work of supporting TCPS on its educational journey. 


My plan includes the following phases:



1.           Phase I:  The first 30 days

a.           Meet and greet with all employees

b.           Face to face meetings with every board member

c.           Face to face meetings with every administrator

d.           Visit and speak with community stakeholders

2.           Phase II: The first 60 days

a.           Visit/observe every teacher/classroom

b.           Analyze student data

c.           Pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in student achievement

3.           Phase III: The first 120 days

a.           Develop a plan a to lead Trigg County into the 20’s and beyond



Essential Goals

Goal 1: Foster an effective district leadership style that is both positive and transparent including a positive board/superintendent relationship

Goal 2:  Ensure a smooth and orderly transition of leadership

Goal 3:  Research and cultivate public trust, commitment, and confidence through open, honest communication by identifying obstacles to improved student achievement

Goal 4:  Review organizational structure effectiveness, climate, budget, programs and resources to align these resources to efficiently and effectively meet the educational/social emotional needs of all students

Goal 5:  Recognize and promote a supportive, positive, and effective district-wide climate and cultivate a focus on student learning


Key Values

•            All decisions and actions must be made based on what’s best for students.

•            Every child deserves an excellent and equitable education.

•            Everything rises and falls on leadership.

•            Individual differences are to be respected and celebrated. 


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