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  • Students will have a test on March 31 over Western Movement
  • Students and Fall Break

    Students will be off for spring break April 3-12

  • Voting PBL

          For the next couple weeks our topic of study will be the importance of voting.  Through our  Problem Based Learning (PBL) techniques, the students will research the process of registering to vote. Then the students will take that knowledge and create innovative projects to motivate our community members who have not registered to vote to do so. These projects may include but are not limited to:  making pamphlets, public service announcements (PSA), and YouTube videos.

          As part of the student research, your child will be coming home with a parent survey. This survey will ask you questions such as: “Are you registered to vote?” and “Did you vote in the last election?”  If you did not, the survey will ask for the probable reasons.  Please fill out the survey and return it with your child so that we can collect our data. 

  • Explores

    For the past two weeks,( Oct. 13-23 ) the topic of discussion in our  social studies class has been European Explores. Our discuss has included reasons why explores wanted to settle in this country, who sent these explorers, and who these explores were.

  • Mock Elections

    Your child will be participating in a mock election on Tuesday, October 28, 2014. The ballot in which they will be voting on will look like one used in the real local election. The students will receive a " I voted " sticker after they have cast their vote. At the end of the day the ballots will be given the math classes and they will tally the results.

  • Explaining why website has not be udadated


          I am very sorry that this website has not been updated in several months. During the month of November I lost 3 grandparents. I was having to spend a lot of time a the hospital and helping my parents with funeral arrangements. Then we have had Thanksgiving Holiday and the Christmas Holiday.

      I have also have had some health issues.  I know that this is no excuses, but I hope that you will accept my reasons for not updating this site.

          I am going to try my very best to keep this week site updated with the lasted Social Studies News.

    Mr. Finley






  • Jan. 26-30


    Next week we will be discussing and learning about the Second Continental Congress, the writing of the Declaration of Independence, Signing the Declaration of Independence. If you child would like to read at night in their History Alive pgs. 123-139 this would give them a heads up on the next days lessons.

  • Feb. 2-6


    This week we will be studying the writing of the U.S. Constituition. The 3 branches of government and the preamble to the U.S. Constitution. Your child will be assigned the task of resiting the Preamble to the Constitution. I will give them their Preamble paper on Tuesday and they will have one week to memerize it. If your child would like to spend a little time at home reading in thier History Alive book the pages are 141-149

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